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Take your Microblading skills to a whole new level. This Webinar in our PMU series is suited for Micropigmentation professionals of all levels of expertise. We will show you our pathway to Success from Consultation to Aftercare. Learn how to analyse your patients’ skin, map and draw the eyebrows with our 5 levels to perfect eyebrows technique, a step by step guide with detailed explanation and close-ups to every step, which will give you a straightforward pathway to master this unique technique. 

My name is Cristina Bernardino. I have over 20 years’ worth of experience in the Professional Aesthetics and Micropigmentation industry, with thriving businesses and ventures in top cosmetic surgery clinics in the UK and Portugal. I want to share all that I have learned with so many different professionals. The technique, the tips and tricks, but also what to avoid. The best thing is that you get lifetime access to the course and exclusive online support with weekly sessions to clarify all your doubts and support you through your journey.

Learn how to create super-fine natural hair strokes and perfect looking eyebrows with Remake Up Microblading technique. This increasingly popular and highly sought-after enhancement technique will allow you to offer clients fuller and more defined brows. As a bonus we will also introduce you to the shading technique.

You decide how fast or slow you want to progress, and you can pause, move forward and back on your videos, as many times as you wish. Even if you decide in a couple of months or years, it would be great to review that particular technique.

If you are looking for a new path in your career or enhancing your Aesthetics skills, this course will give you the tools you need to succeed in this Booming industry.

Get your exclusive lifetime access today, and you can even choose to add our comprehensive manual, the perfect complement for your Webinar.

Microblading Webinar – Course Content

  1. Videos – Series of 8 Videos, including our 5 Level to Perfect Eyebrows.
    1. Introduction
    2. Numbing in Micropigmentation
    3. Level 1 – Eyebrow mapping for PMU
    4. Level 2 – First hair strokes and transition
    5. Level 3 – Lower hair strokes
    6. Level 4 – Upper hair strokes
    7. Level 5 – In-between hair strokes (fullness)
    8. Micropigmentation Aftercare
  2. Microblading Webinar Quiz – Test your knowledge on what you have just learned. You got this!
  3. Certificate – Congratulations, YOU have done it. Now go on and show off your new skills.

Please Note: The Microblading Webinar Certificate will be automatically sent by e-mail to each student once they have scored a minimum of 80% of the quiz. Students can retake the quiz up to 10 times and each lesson is not allowed to be skipped.