ND-YAG Laser. Depigmentation and Carbon Peel

Duration: 8 Hours

Price: £ 750

Course Structure

Good eyesight;

Good manual dexterity and firm hands;

Health or beauty professionals

Target audience

Health or beauty professionals (employed and unemployed) aged 18 or over.

Programme content:

Day 1 Morning – Introduction to the Hollywood Peel.

This module will present the following topics and follow the structure presented:

1- Introduction to the Hollywood Peel and legal requirements for practice.

2- Hollywood Peel – Basic theoretical concepts (Anatomy, Skin Tones and Colour Theory) and equipment.

3- The Consultation and the Office.

4- The Techniques, Step by Step.

5- The Techniques Application of the technique.

6- Protocol. Aftercare.

Day 1 Afternoon – Practical Hollywood Peel

In this module the theoretical concepts will be applied in a practical environment.

1- Practice of the technique with a model (trainees and trainer). In the practical aspect, each student will practice on a real model, demonstrating skills in carrying out a consultation, applying the technique and counselling on aftercare.

2- Award of certificates.

Training Objectives

The course is divided into two types of objectives:

General Objectives

This course aims to provide participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to

the correct procedure for applying the technique to create the famous Hollywood Peel.

Specific Objectives

At the end of the training, the trainee should be able to:

– Identify the skin type

– Draw up a diagnosis

– Recognise forms of prevention

– Recognise equipment treatments and how to act

– Recognise technical procedures

– Recognise contraindications

– Recognise applications

– Recognising the Protocol


– Recognising the Prognosis

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